Welcome To Central Presbyterian Church!

Central Presbyterian Church (CPC) is over 150 years old, yet it has the unusual distinction of having been recently reborn with an invigorated understanding of who we areSomething truly special has emerged from our journey, yielding a joyful, loving spirit that is pervasive and compelling.

Today we see ourselves as a branch of God’s family, dedicated to worship, nurture, and service, and rooted in abundant love. Our mission is to demonstrate what being a church family means in today’s world. In recognizing that all humans have been created in the image of God, we strive to extend the radical grace and love that God first demonstrated through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Our first calling is to live as Jesus and the Apostles called those in the early church to live. As family members in Christ, we extend to each other love, acceptance, and respect. Concurrently, we are called to extend that love, respect, and acceptance to the world outside of our walls. Through our Deacons, with its assistance intake/qualification program, and Mission Committee, we provide time, labor, and financial resources to a variety of local and global mission efforts. 

We cannot wait to share God’s love with you!


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